Yard Sales

Here at our purpose-built yard on the Pathfields Business Park in South Molton, we supply sand & aggregates, blocks and cement to the general public, builders, utility firms, farmers and other sand & aggregate suppliers.

We also offer a vehicle steam-cleaning service which is open to the public.

Whether it's a bulk load, a smaller load or dumpy bags of material, you can collect your materials from us here at the yard or if you wish, we can deliver your materials direct to your required address. Deliveries can be made whenever suits you but we can usually deliver within 24 hours. We are here to help you. These materials are stocked in the yard:



Sand & Aggregates


     Ocean Fine Building sand                                         Fine Red Sand

Suitable for brick laying, pointing                      Suitable for use in plastering

applications and general building



             Silica Fine Sand                                               Silver Paving Sand

      Perfect for horse arenas                                     A sharp sand that can be

              & play sand                                                 use for laying patios and

                                                                                              brick paving



       Course Yellow Sand                                             50/50 Yellow Sand

 Use when laying paving slabs                         Use for block work, rendering

  Great for concrete and floor                                 lime works and patios




                0-4mm Dust                                                     20mm Ballast Concrete

Perfect for path topping, capping                    Used to make concrete & shed bases

   rough sub bases or a bedding

       layer for artifcial grass


          20mm Limestone                                          40mm Limestone Scalping's

      Great for laying patios,                               Generally used under driveways,

pathways, driveways and other                         pathways & in oversights or 

landscaping projects that require                                   hard standing 

          a flat foundation


   20-50mm Clean Screen                                           225 down (quarry fill)

Sub base for equestrian arenas,                       Used for backfill & agricultural 

roads, paths. Also drainage fill                                             tracks

    for ditches & soakaways


Gritstone MOT type one 803                                       Limestone 6f5 Fill

Great for domestic applications                      Great for sub bases, temporary 

such as patios & driveways due                     haul roads or building up levels

               to solidarity


             Cold Lay Tarmac                                                 Kiln Dried Sand

  Repairs paths, drives & other                              Fills joints of block paving

                road surfaces                                                      & paving slabs



Suitable for fixing all wooden, metal

                  & concrete  posts




                   Bags Of Cement                               

   Suitable for a wide range of uses

 including concrete, mortar, rendering

                         & screeds

Decorative Chippings



              20mm Chard                                                        20mm Granite

   Great finish for gardens &                                Great finish for gardens &

                driveways                                                            driveways



            Cotsworld Buff                                                       Plumb Slate

Great finish for path & driveways                    Great for pathways, boarders,

                                                                                  features & plant pot toppers


                  10mm Grey                                                           20mm Grey

  Great finish to any gardens &                           Great finish for garden, pathways,

          driveways  & for use                                      driveways, planting borarders

    as pipe bedding and drainage                                           and rockeries 


                                                                                    10mm Quartzite Pink                                            20mm Quartzite Pink

 Greats for garden features such                          Great for garden features &

   as boarders and plant toppers                        driveways also pipe bedding for

and pipe bedding for drainage                                            drainage


      10mm Yellow Pea Shingle

Great for gardens & driveways